Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/25/11:Blue Marlin and Dolphin

It was a beautiful day for a change. We had clam seas. Started off fishing down a temperature break. It was a little bit of grass scattered along the change. We ended up catching a few Dolphin. Worked offshore to another change that was holding more grass. On the way out to the change I looked back on the right teaser and a 400lb Blue Marlin was getting ready to pile on it. We got the teaser away from him, looked back, and there was another one going after the small bait that we had out for the dolphin. Looked again and a third Blue Marlin was going after a 50W on the left side and in the process of hooking him the other one came back and grabbed the teaser and ripped it off the outrigger. Keegan managed to get a 80w back, had one on for a little while but pulled him off. Needless to say it was mayhem for about 5 minutes trying to keep the 400lb blue marlins from eating the small bait that we had out. Managed to catch the one on the 50w.
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ready for the Fishing Season

Every year I take the boat out to do yearly maintenance. I have to sand, clean, repaint the bottom, and wax the hull. It's a long process but I'm glad to finally be back in the water. The summer season is starting to kick in. I have fishing trips this week so look for photos along with our fishing reports.
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